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Using Vinyl vs ????

Discussion in 'Ask The Pros' started by Pete Buckler, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. Pete Buckler

    Pete Buckler Pack Champion

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    Springfield, Mo
    I used to work in a sign shop in college so I have the basic knowledge of how to work with vinyl. First off, if vinyl is inferior to another product please let me know. If it’s all the same, I’m wondering if there are some tips & tricks to using it. Like, the shape of the car, priming the body, does vinyl stick to pine, do you wrap the entire car, etc? As far as supplies, I do not have any vinyl supplies. But I also do not have any other painting supplies other than some brushes and I’ve been buying most of the paints from hobby lobby and hating the results. I would really like to know everyone’s two cents.
  2. Jimmy & his 2 Kids

    Jimmy & his 2 Kids National Contender

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    Hey Pete,
    I just want to share what I use... Monokote Trim sheets. Like 5” x 3’. They are self adhesive and once you peel the backing off they are virtually weightless. Application is easy. I use multiple colors to do flames (not easy) and it turns out great. They have tons of colors and it’s cheap. Our local hobby shop that sells mostly rc plane stuff (their intended purpose) has them but here’s a link to Tower Hobbies so you can see what I am talking about. Solid colors, metallic colors, gold, chrome... these are nice.
    I bought a couple sheets like 3 years ago and still have tons left. Hope that helps.
  3. EvilJester

    EvilJester Pinewood Ninja

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    Have not been on here for awhile, but seen your post and thought I could give you a 3rd option. We have been doing this in past years.
    You can then design what you want in any program, scale it to size and print it from your home printer. It works great and adds very minimal weight at all.
    Here's a photo of the car we did for the NYC races using this method to show you. I did not prime the car or paint it. All color you see is sharpie. I just made sure it was completely clean (compressed air) and dry before applying. Sticks very well.

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