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Planning for last year in Cub Scouts

Discussion in 'General Pinewood Derby Discussion' started by Andrew Winz, Mar 11, 2019.

  1. Andrew Winz

    Andrew Winz Pinewood Ninja

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    chesapeake va
    This upcoming school year my son will be AOL, my daughter is but 21 months and my nephew is about 3 weeks, so there will be a bit of a gap in races (if daughter chooses scouts even). We are thinking of going out with a bang. For his car: ladder or hollow body, vinyl wrap, better wheel prep this go around. Hopefully they will change the rules to allow for 3 wheels rather than 4 on floor.

    For our packs outlaw/sibling race thinking of two cars: 1 that would be equivalent to a stock pro/street stock to show the kids just how fast a car can go and the other being a slow a rocks: no prep, fins and wings, minimal weight to finish.

    Any thoughts on the bare minimum weight for a car to cross the line? I want this car to lose to even my wife car from when she did a powderpuff derby from 30 years ago.
  2. Chief

    Chief PWD Royalty

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    Zeevzob built the best slowest car it had a sail that popped up on the ramp and as it slowed down the sail would drop and it barely crossed the finish line the time was 9.9999
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  3. derby freak

    derby freak National Contender Pro Racer

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    hahahahaha I got him beat and don't even have a sail.....:cool:

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