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Billy's Red Neck Studio 35 Session Was On The Up & Up: Country Goes To The City

Discussion in 'Wheels and Axles' started by ratrodsrule1, May 9, 2020.

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    What Wheel Wobble with Billy's Red Neck Wheel Wobble Stopper. A drill press, a piece of 3/8 soft pine dowel, a strip of 80 grit emory cloth followed by 800 then 1500 the Studio 35 and the Up & Up vendors can kiss Billy's Red Neck foot. No it won't scratch or stress your bores or wobble while doing your preps if you've got the eye and the touch to know when the micrometer tells you you're safely within bore limitations. Worry free Wobble free Wobble Stopper Wheel Preps brought to you by Ernies Eggs. A 1 large, B 2 large and they can't be too large !!

    P.S....yep that's an AWANA wheel used for R & D pouposes only. What do you think.....Billy's some kind of dumb Red Neck or something to test with a perfectly trued 2.4 ? And yes Billy had to cancel his Pedi/Mani due to the Kung Fu Flu scare.

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