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Billy's Red Neck Query...Using The Forums Wisdom To Build A Competitive Hershey Bar

Discussion in 'General Pinewood Derby Discussion' started by ratrodsrule1, Mar 19, 2020.

  1. ratrodsrule1

    ratrodsrule1 League Racer

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    What is you're recommendation of COM for a first build and send to a race a Hershey Bar ? WARNING, on this happy day Billy's in one of his waxing eloquent moods . If desired, skip paragraph 2 but please read paragraph's 3 & 4 for guidance of your reply. Thanks !!

    Today's a special day, as the earth rotating on is 23.5 degree axis at 3:39 UTC it's Sun will be Top Dead Center of the Equator, giving the U.S. a day of equal 12 hours light/dark give or take a smidge. In the more we’ll bred parts of the Country the Vernacular may call for The Vernal Equinox but in Billy's neck of the woods they simply say IT'S SPRING Y'ALL !!

    Billy's 11 year Granddaughter Carley, has aged out of her Church AWANA Program and want's to continue on, stretching her PaPa's building skill set further than ever. She's ok with the Air Craft Carrier look and want's to name her car "Carley's Dragon" racing under Rat Rods Racin. Using only a tuning board it'll be a run whatca brung (in this case sent) to the track for her and PaPa.

    With help from the Legends on this Forum, she hopes her PaPa can build her a competitive car at the BASX AM level. It's Billy and Carley's desire for your reply to be without argument towards other's replies but simply what has worked for you at the AM level. Let's not make the 1st day of Spring kick of on a bad note. If you’re home has more tires than your old pickup sitting in the front yard....you might be a Redneck.......RRR
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  2. B_Regal Racing

    B_Regal Racing PWD Royalty Pro Racer

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    What works for me? Seriously?

    The joy of taking part in the meticulous nature of building a car...win or lose.
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