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Billy's Red Neck Do It For Dale Flyin' Aces Reflect And View The World Thru The Eyes Of A Child

Discussion in 'General Pinewood Derby Discussion' started by ratrodsrule1, May 24, 2020.

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    Gulfport Ms.
    A bit off topic but May 23rd The National Championship brought the end of an era. With Billy's granddaughter Carley aging out of her church AWANA program February 2020 was her last Grand Prix thus ending Carley and PaPa's Racing. Having set a new track record and winning 1st in speed it was a solemn occasion leaving the Grand Prix venue for the final time.

    Then PaPa discovered league racing and Carley was elated to know her precious Intimidator wasn't finished quiet yet. With a great welcome they were encouraged by the Forum to come race with them. It was also heavily recommened to not send an AWANA car but build something from scratch. The truth very few knew was they never intended to race against the forum members but themselves to see what the two if them had created together. With a first outing average of 2.9660 they were excited there may still be speed yet found. While prepping for the Nats an in house workshop mishap Carley's Intimidator laid basically destroyed and broken in half. The Ace's wanted her to have one more time down the hill with the little car that couldn't. The damage was to extensive and a sub 3 was no longer attainable as reflected by it's 3.0169 best at the Nats.

    Shadowbox time but Carley's Intimidator 2 will be a true BASX build, hopefully a competitive one. When you line up with her the next time you may like to know something about who you're racing. Carley is an extremely intelligent 11 year old young lady of deep faith that struggles with dyslexia. Fortunately her past 3 years of school have been in a 3 year program that caters to dyslexic children only thru a special teaching style and has been a success. Her 1st love is not unlike other 11 year old little girls which is "caring" for her babies. After that things change from the norm. . In order it's Hot Rods, Deer Hunting, NASCAR, Dale Sr because he was and still is Papa's Man, and then PWD.

    Sometimes we lose focus of what it's all about and how we got started in this hobby. It's usually between a Parent or Grandparent and a youngster. Our adult competitive juices often get in the way of the things that are truly important and sometimes we need to view things thru the eyes of a child. If the pic offends anyone we'd like to apologize in advance but it's in the actual words of an 11 year Carley Catoe and what's important to her.

    Thanks Gang.......RRR
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    And I will say Amen to that.
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