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Billy's Red Neck Do It for Dale Flyin' Aces Pit Crew Gets Fresh Legs !!

Discussion in 'General Pinewood Derby Discussion' started by ratrodsrule1, May 12, 2020.

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    After laying down a measly 2.99 in their first outing the BASX based Flyin' Ace's went home looking for more downhill. Like a 12 second pit stop, 2 cans of Sonoco E85 and 4 Goodyear Bald Eagles they pulled out all stops and recruited a new hired gun and the Forums newest member.....The Undertaker. They know he'll be the last man to let em down !!

    Even though in his early 30's The Undertaker has a world of track experience just not in PWD. He's gone thru the ranks from dirt to the everyday shoe for an asphalt winged sprint car team at the infamous Mobile International Speedway. Having raced anything with wheels except PWD he's more excited about PWD than the ugliest girl in school getting ready for her date with the quarterback. He already has his Car of Tomorrow in the rendering department.

    The Ace's have no idea if this new fangled COT will go downhill or uphill but there's always the possibility of plan B. But since there is no plan B they'll just have to run this rig till she blows. They'll mark it up to experience as just another way NOT to build a PWD car of which they've grown accustomed.

    So they'll see y'all on the Hill.....hopefully at the bottom.......RRR
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