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Billy's Red Neck Ballistic Backfire Bulletin : If The Graphite Won't Fit You Must Acquit !!

Discussion in 'General Pinewood Derby Discussion' started by ratrodsrule1, Mar 24, 2020.

  1. ratrodsrule1

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    THE TRIAL: Someone finally tested Billy's syringe & hypo needle graphite application theory !!

    THE VERDICT: The graphite won't fit so you must acquit, it won't go thru the needle so in other words forgetaboutit.

    THE SENTENCING.....how to take down the thread so Billy won't be aggravating the blithering snot out of Forum members that may fall prey to one of his goofball ideas ?

    Thanks to petipuj for the good ole college try !!

    Atta Boy 2.jpeg

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