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Basic Guidlines when Carving Balsa Fenders

Discussion in 'Ask The Pros' started by 787Driver, Mar 9, 2019.

  1. 787Driver

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    Carving up my first set of balsa fenders - bought the precut balsa versions with two eitherside of each front wheel, one for each for the back, and filler strips for each side. To install, I will use a rubberband around the wheel for proper wheel-to-fender spacing and CA glue. Once installed and the sanding begins:

    1. Should the wheel stick out at all beyond the side of the fender - will the resulting drag be a killer?

    2. Is tapering the fenders from the front out to the wheel back to the middle then out to the back wheel
    preferred or should they run straight back at a constant width with the square edges rounded a bit? Is
    tapering the inside to match the outer profile recommended?

    3. To keep from hitting the track, how much material should be removed from the inside bottom edges - is
    the wheel width enough or is more needed? Should the top portion match the profile of the bottom
    cut, the wheel, or does it matter?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Chief

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    Have you searched this forum?
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