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Want to Buy Axle bender

Discussion in 'Classified Section for Pinewood Derby Products' started by Dan Hodge, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Dan Hodge

    Dan Hodge Bent Axle

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    Right now I am using a Derby Worx axle bender but I am looking for an upgrade. Anybody have a good one they are willing to part with at a fair price?
  2. Jimmy & his 2 Kids

    Jimmy & his 2 Kids National Contender

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    Considering my axle bender is just a pair of visegrips I would feel bad charging for them. ;)
    Carefully gripped and tapped on just right and I get a good bend every time. This works perfectly for me and is good enough for Scout/Awana level. Though I am used to this method and it may be harder for someone who isn’t used to it to not bent it too far. And if I’m buying axles for league racing I’ll just pay the extra $10 for a pre-bent axle. I suppose after a few sets I could have purchased a good bender. I will watch to see what bender the gurus are liking the most these days.
    But seriously, if your careful, simple tools work well. I saw Johns video of cutting a slight groove where he wanted it to bend and a simple tap on the right spot with hammer and screwdriver while axle carefully set in a vise and it worked real well.
    Hope you find something that works for you.


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