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2019 PWD Nationals is a wrap!

Discussion in 'National Championships' started by Goat_Boy, Apr 28, 2019.

  1. Goat_Boy

    Goat_Boy Lurking Pro Racer National Champion

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    Northern Illinois
    This past weekend I was able to travel to Omaha. NE for the PWD National Championships. I arrived Thursday afternoon and headed straight to the venue to see some old friends and to see if they needed any help setting up. Thursday was nice because there was no racing and it gave all of us live racers a lot of time to just sit around and talk. So many great stories were told and a lot of laughs shared between all the racers.

    My Thursday night ended by going to dinner with my buddy Alphonso, his son, Marciano and my old buddy Chief.

    Friday was race day! A lot of great cars to see. Hurricrane pretty much owned every class(shocker i know). The track could have been a little better. I know everyone has to run the same lanes but the difference from The white lane to all the others was HUGE! Most tracks have a lane that's faster but not like this was. If you screwed up in the white lane you were done. It cost Joel(Derby Evolution) 2nd place because of a small wiggle. Not sure of the future of this race but I think that is 1 thing that must be corrected in the future.

    The Unlimited race, the whole reason I travel to races, was the biggest class of the day. 25 total cars going for the national title. Pretty much every top Unlimited racer was represented in this race. It was pretty clear early on that Super Fast Racing was going to be the car to beat. He was laying down some very fast times in most every lane. At the end of the finals we had a new 2019 National Unlimited champion, Super Fast Racing! Congrats Matt! I was able to squeak by Joel by .0001 to secure the 2nd spot. Great job by all and Unlimited just keeps getting better!

    I want to say thank you to each and every person that helped out this weekend. John, thanks for having this race for us. I know it's a lot of work but it makes the hobby so fun when we can travel to an event like this. Thanks to Joel, Brian(Crane), Alphonso and Marciano, Chief, Greg for the help running the races. Thanks to all Greg's helpers that also played a big part in running the event.

  2. "The Fonze"

    "The Fonze" District Champion Pro Racer

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    Nicely written Ian! +1. Next year Nationals should be in Illinois. C’mon John @DerbyDad4Hire let’s start organizing it now. The Midwest Bearing Kings will sponsor it.
  3. SuperFastRacing

    SuperFastRacing Pinewood Ninja

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    Thanks Ian,
    You deserve all the credit! A big shout out to everyone who takes the time out of there busy life to make these races and leagues a success!
    Thanks again,
    SuperFast Racing
  4. Ballistic Racing

    Ballistic Racing Workshop Leader #1 Ranked in the USA Pro Racer Pro Race Winner

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    Ditto On the +1!
    Always a fun trip attending live! Meeting old friends & making new. For me, it’s like a family reunion & this year was definitely fun for my son & I. Looking forward to next year already.
    Thanks again to Greg Dawes for the amazing show he puts on every year. John Halliburton for putting on the race for us & all the venders including Joel Redfearn (Derby Evolution) for the awesome PWD supplies needed to compete at this level.
  5. B_Regal Racing

    B_Regal Racing PWD Royalty Pro Racer

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    I can always send a car in to race, but there is nothing like racing live. Absolutely love to catch up with old friends from when I started racing as well as making new ones just starting out and everyone in between. It's hard for me to get away during the Christmas season, so this is my venue to socialize. Greg, John, and Joel: you guys are the pillars of the PWD community. I'm proud to know each of you. And to those I raced against, I'm glad to have beaten you or lost to you, whomever you are...

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