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  1. JamieM
    Rebuilding for district!
  2. Chantuay McCoy
    Chantuay McCoy DocJancsi
    In your rules for GLFSC 2019 you referred to dens over and over again, did you mean rank? I know most packs have only 1 den but a few have 2 or more in each rank.
    On page 8, 10.1.1, it says " The Great Lakes Field Service Council 2019 Cub Scout Pinewood Derby Den Championship Races". I know that the GLFSC is not running dens (too confusing), is it by rank?
    Thank you :-)
  3. Dldoug
    Dldoug DerbyCrazy
    Hey, good job, I know last year the car was “It” if I remember right that was fast. Small world, my wife said your car was really fast. I bet it feels great going out on top. My phone number is below and I live basically in Middleburg/purcellville line. I won’t be home for another month but can text if you have an iPhone.

  4. DerbyDoctor
    Crew Chief for: Pack Champion 2017, 2018, 2019. District Champion 2017, 2018, 2019
  5. Joanna Barker
    Joanna Barker
    8 days until race day
  6. Joanna Barker
    Joanna Barker
    9 days until race day
  7. PTDad
    PTDad Brian/papawoody
    I was wondering one where are you located? Two how old is the track and when was it last used?
  8. Jerry
    Jerry TRE
    Hi Tre, do you mind if I ask you a question? About oil and reprep
  9. Pinewood Outlaw
    Pinewood Outlaw DerbyDad4Hire
    John is it possible to have my profile name changed to Pinewood Outlaw Racing
  10. Obsessedderbydad
    Obsessedderbydad Mojo Racing
    Sup Jay! How have you been? Still racing? I might want to build a car/re-learn or learn the skills again as my son will be in scouts this year if he wants to be. So I figured I should sharpen the skills again.
  11. Richard Burbage
  12. Chief
    Chief TRE
    Wow brother...it has been a very long time! Is this where to PM you? Even the forum has changed a ton
  13. NovaFury
    Council Champion
  14. Castoro Racing
    Castoro Racing KyleBCostco
    Hey Kyle I am not sure how to send a PM, sorry for my ignorance. Can you let me know how? I know my other messages I have sent directly to users of the forum are still visible.

    Also thanks alot in advance for your help!
  15. Scott Coffman
    Scott Coffman
    Freak Racing in the house!
  16. Castoro Racing
    Castoro Racing DerbyDad4Hire
    John, when possible can you change my profile name to Acast? Thanks
  17. Castoro Racing
    Castoro Racing Jimmy & his 2 Kids

    Thanks for your advice on testing out our car on a test track. We were able to get a hold of the race track before our districts and once set up I looked at all of the joints and rails. More then a few were pretty rough so I wet-sanded as best I could which worked out pretty well. Everything worked out well and my son is going on to NYC so we will get to build another car.

    Thanks again,
    1. Jimmy & his 2 Kids likes this.
    2. Jimmy & his 2 Kids
      Jimmy & his 2 Kids
      Glad it all worked out! We are gearing up for our churches Awana GP next month and I know for a fact our track needs help bad. I’ll be doing the same thing. I am trying to get more involved so as to be able to help others find speed as we intend on sending tops boys and girls to Awana State championships in April. Should be a fun time but I for one don’t want our track chewing up everyone’s wheels! Lol
      Feb 11, 2019
  18. Castoro Racing
    Castoro Racing
    District Champions
  19. Gizzard
    Gizzard TRE
    Can I ask for some advice?
    1. TRE
      Feb 6, 2019
  20. FastFox
    FastFox GravityX
    Gravity, in one of the COM/weight discussions, you mentioned a 3 scale method. Can you provide me a video or detailed instructions on how to do this? One other question, would biasing weight to one side of the car help "steer" the DFW into the rail? Thanks for your help!