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by DerbyDad4Hire at 11:00 PM
(2,190 Views / 1 Likes)

Derby Freaks “The List”
Top Ranked Pinewood Derby Racers In The USA!
House Rules:
1. To be on the “The List” you must: Be a member of the www.pinewoodderbyonline.com forum using your racing name as your member name. Have a race team logo for your forum avatar.
2. You must be prepared to defend your spot on “The List”.
3. Once it begins, a builder moves up “The List” by calling out and challenging a...
by DerbyDad4Hire at 6:01 PM
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There has been some confusion on the format of the race on the 18th so I made a video to try and clarify it.

This is not a league race. It is not affiliated with any league. It is not the start of a new league. There are no points. It is the start of the NEW TOP 50 LIST! More details on how the list will work after this race are to come! Please contact ME if you have any questions about this race or the Top 50 List.

For details on the coming race see this thread......